It is in our DNA to manufacture and do business with righteousness, honesty and transparency.

Inclusion and commitment
Respect, humanity, social inclusion and family conciliation guide our relations with all workers in our company.

Responsibility with the community.
Our interest is to build strong and mutually satisfactory relationships with our colleagues and customers all over the world. We assume our commercial and social responsibility in all the countries we work.

Extraordinary food quality and safety.
The ordinary is not enough. We aim for much more than complying with the quality demanded or current legislation. Overcoming is our way of working and manufacturing our products.

I lead a team of talented people who work every day to perfect each product we make, the way we organize our processes, research, development, training, and relationships with our customers.

Everyone’s commitment is the force that drives our growth. ”

Juan González-Montes Portela
President and CEO of Ignacio González Montes.