Ignacio González Montes has been manufacturing canned fish for almost a century with the aim of achieving the combination of maximum quality and multiple benefits to the customer and the final consumer.

The vision that our founder, Ignacio González Montes, established in the 40s, constitutes the goals by which the company is still guided.

Later, in the 60s, new ways of achieving a special care in the manufacture of the product come to continue that artisan tradition. The second generation led by Ignacio González-Montes Comulada added the creation of the second manufacturing plant and the automation of the industrial process that would make possible a significant increase of the productive capacity. González-Montes was also known for his contributions to the entire canning sector in Galicia, which has always considered him a tenacious and disciplined man.

Today, led by the third generation with Juan González-Montes Portela, President and CEO, and Dora González-Montes Portela, Administration Manager of the Company,

Ignacio González Montes is distinguished by its ability to adapt to the needs of customers and consumers, by its agility in response and above all, by its constant innovation in the product line and the management system.

As a company, we are proud of our role in the society and in the local economy by creating more and more jobs focused on the extreme care of the product, its cut and its preparation that make Ignacio González Montes a reference inside and outside our borders.

The international expansion of recent years has placed the company in a situation of predominance in the markets of Portugal, Africa or Arab countries.